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Orlando Bloom's Biography

Full name: Orlando Bloom
Date of Birth: 13th January 1977
Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, England
Starsign: Capricorn
Chinese Birthsign: Dragon
Height: 5'11
Hair: Dark brown, naturally wavy
Eyes Dark brown
Siblings: 1 older sister - Samantha
Pets: A dog named Maude
Hobbies: Photograpghy and being a dare-dveil
Marital Status: Rumored that he is dating the Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth. here is a picture of the person i hate the most.....she stole mah mans heart!

im so jealous......how come the blondes get all da hott guys? dat sux im a brunette....

anyways, back to Orlando's biography........

Born in 1977 in Canterbury, England, Orlando Bloom's plans of becoming an actor developed quite early when he realized that the characters on TV and in the movies weren't real, that they were actors. "Once I realized that I could be Superman or I could be The Hustler or I could be Daniel Day Lewis's character in The Last Of The Mohicans - I was like, "Man, I can become an actor and be all of those things." In 1993, he moved to London to improve his career, doing bit parts in TV series like "Casualty". Orlando spent two years at the National Youth Theatre before getting a scholarship to train with the British American Drama Academy. His first memorable appearance, a cameo in the critically acclaimed movie Wilde in 1997, earned him various film offers, which he all turned down in favor to play theatre. After Wilde, Orlando attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for 3 years. On stage, he appeared in plays like "The Seagull", "Twelfth Night", and "Trojan Women". Peter Jackson then "discovered" the classically handsome Bloom for his much hyped Lord Of The Rings trilogy in 1999. After doing the three Rings movies with Jackson, he worked with Ridley Scott on Black Hawk Down. Since then, he has been working on new projects non-stop. In 2003, four of his movies will be released: The Kelly Gang, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Calcium Kid, and The Two Towers. When he's not working, Orlando divides his time between London and Los Angeles.

If you're wondering when Orlando decided acting was for him, he was quoted as saying, "I think it began when I spent a Christmas in Boston with my cousin. I was like 12 and my cousin from LA who's a commercials director was in town and he rented some videos for the holiday period, and one of them was The Hustler with Paul Newman. I was young and didn't think I was going to be impressed with it, but I was so impressed by the cool of Paul Newman in that film - as a young kid my mum was quite into us being creative, we'd go to musicals, plays and theatre - I somehow knew that's what I wanted to do." So, the story begins...

At age 16, Orlando dropped out of school, which he didn't particularly enjoy. He says, "As a kid I was dyslexic so I always struggled in school. I'm still mildly dyslexic." He then moved to London to kick-start his acting career. By age 16, Orlando had been with the National Youth Theatre for 2 seasons. He then landed himself a scholarship to train with the British American Drama Academy. Later, he joined the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he says he finally felt like he was receiving a real education, as opposed to at a regular school. Orlando says, "It was only when I went to Guildhall that I started to feel like I got a proper education. We would learn about Milton and Donne and read Chekhov and Shakespeare and that kind of inspired me."

He had bit-parts in British TV shows such as "Casualty" and "Midsomer Murders". His first movie role was a cameo in the critically acclaimed "Wilde", when he was 20 years old. His performance led to various movie offers, but he turned them down to work in the theatre industry for a few years.

He performed in many theatre plays during that period, including "The Twelfth Night", "Trojan Woman" and "The Seagull".

Then came the audition call for the casting of "The Lord of the Rings" triolgy - he originally auditioned for the role of "Faramir" by videotape. A few months later Peter Jackson (Director of LOTR Trilogy) and his business partner Fran Walsh met up with Orlando personally. Again he went on videotape, this time directed by Peter, for the role of Faramir. Later on Peter phoned Orlando's agent and asked if Orlando would read for the role of "Legolas Greenleaf" as the role of Famamir (which went to Aussie actor David Wenham) would not be available for him. Orlando read for the part and a few weeks later he was offered the role.

Orlando spent 18 months in New Zealand filming the epic trilogy. Since then he has filmed "Black Hawk Down", "Deed Poll", "Lullaby in Clubland", "Ned Kelly" and "The Calcium Kid". Orlando is currently filming "Pirates of the Caribbean" in which he co-stars alongside his acting idol, Johnny Depp. When filming of "Pirates" has wrapped he will start work on another epic feature, "Troy", in which he will play Paris, the character who instigates the Trojan War that triggers an epic battle between Achilles (Brad Pitt) and Hector (Eric Bana).

Orlando Bloom was born January 13th, 1977 in Canterbury, Kent (England) and was raised there with his sister, Samantha. His father, Harry Bloom, died when Orlando was only 4 years old. He is currently based in Los Angeles but still has a home in London.

Orlando is currently single but it is rumoured that he was once engaged to model/make-up artist Jemma Kidd. Now that Orlando's acting career has taken off he doesn't have a lot of time to commit to a serious relationship. He says, "Right now my only big relationship is with my work."

His hobbies include adrenaline sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping (which he did while filming in New Zealand), paragliding, surfing and snowboarding. He enjoys all sorts of music, especially folk singers such as Ben Harper, David Gray and Bob Dylan.

He stands at 5'11, has olive skin and dark brown hair and eyes. He has 2 tattoos, including the number 9 tattooed in Elvish script on his forearm and a sun on his lower torso. Click here to see the Elven-Script tattoo.

A few years ago, Orlando suffered a devastating back injury when he fell three floors from a drainpipe while at a friend's apartment. He spent several days in hospital and seriously contemplated the possibility of having to live his life in a wheelchair. Miraculously, he walked from the hospital several days later and fully recovered from his injuries. Orlando has said that the accident made him slow down a lot in his life and tries to look at it as a positive thing as opposed to a negative thing. He says, "It made me appreciate things more. I try not too take myself too seriously. I feel fortunate to be doing everything that I'm doing. I feel quite privileged to be an actor, I think it's unbelievable that I'm being paid to do something I love!"

Orlando Bloom

Orli's Quotes

"Before I finished training at drama school, I'd been training for three years, and I'd had a pretty intense three years of training. I'd broken my back the year prior to leaving drama school, so the year before I went out to 'Lord of The Rings', I'd broken my back and having a kinda near death experience like that, because I feel three floors and I was gonna be in a wheelchair, but they managed to put me back together again. It kinda gave a new perspective on life, you know, a new appreciation and kind of, it was the best thing for me in a lot of ways." - What he said as he recently explained to Regis & Kelly

"It's very a difficult language to get your mouth around." - OB talks Elvish

"It was quite demanding. Legolas was very centred and wise... I think they (elves) live the sort of lives we aspire to."

"I got halfway through the book", and got a little distracted by girls." - O.B. on his first attempt at reading LOTR

"I don't care much about the money at all. Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn't need to pay me at all". "Basically, I can say that I came to acting because of the women." - When asked about movie salary.

"Legolas' moves are smooth and elegant, like a cat...it's very balletic. It's also bloody hard to do without falling over!" - E!Online Force of the Hobbit.

"This is Wellington, man. It's great. I was out surfing in Lyall Bay today." - Commenting on the windy and wet weather at the New Zealand LOTR Premier.

"I've grown up here," he said. "And it's been a great place to grow up." - Commenting on living in Wellington during filming of LOTR.

The camaraderie involves quite a lot of good-natured ribbing, particularly between Aragorn and Legolas. "We have these digs at each other," explains Orlando Bloom with a laugh. "Viggo will go on about Elves and how they're always doing their nails and brushing their long, blonde hair, and being all prissy. And i just say: Well, at least I'm going to live forever! Got that? LIVE FOREVER!" - From a LOTR guide.

"You have to be quite serious about tattoos [because] they're there forever." - On tattoos

"For a young actor like me to have the oportunity to work with the genre of actors and directors on 'Lord Of The Rings' is unbelievable. There was no, should I, should I not. It was like, where do I sign up! It was just bonkers. It was like here, have a life." - On being offered the role of Legolas in LOTR.

"Vig used to call me 'elf boy', and I'd call him 'filthy human'. As an Elf, I never got a scratch on me, never got dirty. And Vig would come out with blood and sweat all over him. And he'd say to me, 'Oh, go manicure your nails." - Commenting on the benefits of playing an Elf.

"When you start falling for somebody and you can't stop thinking about when you're going to see them again, I love that," "Women are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished and respected." And, he adds with a laugh, "They're a handful."

"People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you."

"As soon as I got to New Zealand, I went bungee jumping. I was standing on the platform for one hour contemplating whether to jump or not".

"I'm probably a good boyfriend, but I'm pretty intense. When you're with me it's exciting, fun and very intense. At the same time I'm easy going. But all that depends on what girl I'm with."

"The girls have got a bit excited. I spoke to my agent and she says she's wading through the fan mail. We've got bags of it."

"I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be?"

"Viggo will go on about Elves and how they're always doing their nails and brushing their long, blonde hair, and being all prissy. And i just say: Well, at least I'm going to live forever! Got that? LIVE FOREVER!"

"I can be a little bit outrageous. I can be a lot of things. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I love to go out there and do kind of crazy stuff which is slightly outrageous, like bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing and that sort of stuff. But I also like to just chill with my friends and go and see movies and do normal things."

"I mean, I have a great job. I get to dress up and become somebody else, especially when it's someone like Legolas, who's this super-cool kind of otherworldly elf. It's, like, I'm lucky, man, so why would I not appreciate that?"

* His friends call him Orli or OB.
* Has brown hair and brown eyes.
* Is 5'11" (180 cm)
* Is a vegetarian, and stays away from dairy products.
* His father named him after the hero/heroine of Virginia Woolf's novel "Orlando", because he thought everyone would remember it.
* He used to smoke, but recently quit and now he bites his nails.
* While filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, he got into sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing and snowboarding. Now he enjoys "just taking time to walk whether it be on location somewhere or on a beach." "most of the time I just chill with my friends and have a mellow time" He also enjoys photography, shopping and buying old antiques, and he "can't stand computers".
* He says he's accident prone, and has the injury list to prove it. He's broken his back, his ribs, his nose, both his legs, his arm, his wrist, a finger and a toe, and cracked his skull three times!
* A year before doing the Lord of the Rings, he fell 3 stories off a friend's porch while trying to open a jammed door and broke his back. He was almost confined to a wheelchair, but luckily the doctors were able to patch him up. Read more about his fall here.
* His sister Samantha is 2 years older than him.
* Has a dog named Maude.
* His father, Harry Bloom, died when Orlando was 4 and was a legendary figure in antiapartheid circles in South Africa. Harry also wrote a famous tome called Episode In The Transvaal, was jailed for his beliefs, and worked alongside Nelson Mandela.
* He's not married.
* Has a tattoo of 'nine' in Elvish on his right forearm, and a sun on his torso that he got when he was 15.
* His favorite color is yellow. (thats why this site is yellow ^_^)
* He can speak French.
* He has A-levels in theatre, photography and sculpture.
* As a kid, he was dyslexic, and now he says he is "mildly dyslexic".
* He says he's currently into "all sorts of music, mostly the Ben Harper, the David Gray, and the Bob Dylan type of folk music."
* His favorite football team is Manchester United.
* His first job was as a clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range when he was 13.
* For LOTR, he had to learn archery, how to ride a horse bareback (while shooting an arrow), and how to fight and wield two swords. "I started off with archery, I rode about 20 different horses, I had physical training in the gym, and I had to learn the Elvish ways of speaking and fighting. Their fighting is based on ancient European and Asian martial arts, so I had a trainer who taught me how to use the blades. I also did a lot of movement training, because movement is my way into the character." - SFX Magazine
* He originally auditioned for Lord of the Rings in the part of Faramir, Boromir's brother, who wouldn't be introduced until The Two Towers. He was turned down for that part, but was then asked to audition for Legolas. He learned that he got the part the day before he graduated from Guildhall.
* It was rumored that he was briefly engaged to model Jemma Kidd. In an interview Orlando only said "I won't admit or deny anything. Makes me more interesting."

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